How to Setup Widescreen format?

1. Graphic Card setup
Connect your graphic card over DVI cable with TFT monitor (all new graphic cards have DVI output). For games in standard 4:3 format you need to do next setups:

For GeForce graphic cards:
Choose "Digital Adjustments" in GeForce option, than click on "Fixed aspect ratio scaling" to prevent that games which are in 4:3 format do not stretch over entire display.

For Radeon graphic cards:
If you have ATI graphic card you need to go in Catalyst Control Center. Under "Digital Panel Properties choose "Use Centered Timings" and you will play game in 4:3 format.

2. Games which are supporting Widescreen format
Simply, under video option choose resolution in 16:10 format, in other words 1440x900 pixels only if you have very good...

graphic card.
Now games which supporting widescreen formats are:

* Age of Empires III
* Call of Duty 2
* Battlefield 2
* Guild Wars: Factions
* Half Life 2
* The Sims 2
* Start Wars "Empire at War"
* The Elder Scrolls IV "Oblivion"
* World of WarCraft
* F.E.A.R.
* Need for Speed "Most Wanted" and much more other.

3. How to force the games to work in Widescreen format?
We will explain only for few games how you can do that.

a) Battlefield 2
Using small trick you can run Battlefield 2 in Widescreen format. To do that fallow next steps:
right mouse click on Battlefield 2 shortcut which is on desktop, than choose Properties. Now new windows will open, inside field Target insert at the end of existing text next row +szx 1140 +szy 900 and click on OK or Apply to confirm changes.
Note: To play Battlefield 2 in widescreen format, you always need to run this game using changed shortcut. If you are using Autostart function widescreen is disabled.

b) Prey
Open Notepad which you can find in Start-->Programs-->Accessories. Inside Notepad write next rows:
seta r_customHeight"900"
seta r_customWidght"1440"
seta r_mode"-1"
seta r_aspectRatio"2"

Now save this text in folder "base" and for his name write autoexec.cfg .

c)SpellForce 2
Open Notepad file "config.xml" which can be found in folder My Documents/Spellforce2. Inside this file you need to change only two rows:

d) Need for Speed "Most Wanted"
If you want to active widescreen format in NFS "Most Wanted" you need appropriate tool which you can download from (11kb). Unzip him inside game folder and run this tool. Choose Resolution 1440x900, select game version and press Launch.

e) F.E.A.R.
Under video option you can't choose resolution in 16:10 format although this game perfectly supports widescreen display. Therefore go to C;/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/Monolith Production/FEAR. Open file "settings.cfg" with Notepad. Change screenwidth on 1440 and screenheight on 900. Save this file and it's done.
Note: If you change resolution inside the game you will lose these setups for widescreen format, so you need to repeat this action.

If you want to setup Widescreen format for another game and she is not between these 5 try to visit next link

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