How to reproduce HD-DVD and Blu-Ray in GNU/Linux?

If you have a reproducer of HD-DVD or Blu-Ray in your computer, you already can reproduce HDDVD or BluRay discs in GNU/Linux using the tool Zotty's BackupHDDVD C++. The only problem (depending on the point of view) is that much free space in the hard disk is needed since the tool not yet is able to reproduce discs “to the flight”, reason why will extract the video tracks and audio of the disc and it will already overturn them decrypted towards a folder in the hard disk.

In order to reproduce new discs of high resolution video HD-DVD and Blu-Ray in GNU/Linux you will need the following things:
  • To install (or to have installed) the support in the Kernel to handle the file system UDF 2.5. Ver Linux UDF project.
  • To install the tool Zotty's BackupHDDVD C++ for the desencriptación of the discs HD-DVD and Blu-Ray.
  • A program for multimedia reproduction (ej.: MPlayer)
You must be sure that the file system of the partition in which you will keep the extracted tracks support archives...

of more of 4GB (it does not serve FAT32 nor Ext2).

It executes in a terminal:
./BackupHDDVD /hdc/cdrom /tmp/movie

In where /hdc/cdrom is the reading disc unit and /tmp/movie.

Now the tool will look for the title key that corresponds to disc HD-DVD or Blu-Ray and soon will overturn the tracks in the specified folder.

It installs the version of MPlayer from subversion, which works with the last version of ffmpeg that is able to reproduce video VC-1 and the format of audio H.264. Now only is to reproduce the video with extension .evo with MPlayer.
mplayer /tmp/movie/HVDVD_TS/*evo

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