Use ReadyBoost to optimize and accelerate Windows Vista

Windows Vista works with three types of memory, the RAM, the hard disk and ReadyBoost. Before the launching of Windows Vista with the new ReadyBoost technology, single we had two types of memory the RAM and the hard disk. The operation was or simple when we executed an application or game the data flowed from one to the other and vice versa until the total execution of the progRAM. Of course, that whichever but RAM memory we had, more pieces of the code of the progRAM or game were executed in her, and the rest had to be overlapped with the hard disk, with the file of pagination or interchange. Then this has not changed, only that now Windows Vista allows us is an intermediate step between RAM memory and the hard disk, that will give benefits us of yield only in certain situations, that next we detailed.

Before going further, let us recall that Microsoft recommends the following specifications at least to profit from...

the contribution of performances of ReadyBoost technology:

* Minimum disk space of 256 MB (capacity of advised GB) with an open space from at least 230 MB
* Support of interface USB 2.0
* Direct minimum flow of 2,5 MB/s in reading E 1.75 MB/s in writing
* Average access time of 1 ms

For the remainder, the implementation of ReadyBoost technology is rather simple since it is enough, to start, to insert your certified Flash memory. One limps of dialogue is posted then and invites you to use or not ReadyBoost technology.

First we will have to know clearly a series of concepts, since in the end we ourselves we will have to decide, if we want to adapt this technology to our PC with Windows Vista and if we really obtain benefits of her.

RAM memory is without doubt, the first factor to modify to obtain a remarkable yield, changing the Chips by faster or adding more Chips if the plate allows it, to increase the amount of RAM memory. From now on and with the ReadyBoost technology that offers us Windows Vista already we can accelerate the pagination process. The explanation is very simple, if RAM memory this flood we go towards the pagination file (just as before) we read and we transferred data from one to another one, which happens now is that the data of location in the pagination file, are in key USB.

But we will have to consider an important consideration the operation of the hard disk is mechanic and the one of key USB with technology ReadyBoost is logical, or said of another form it takes part in the no mechanical process neither mall pillow nor discs turning, nor is time of positioning of the reading head on a sector or to cluster certain to read the information that asks for the RAM.

The RAM reads more express the data of the hard disk that of memory USB, but memory USB locates more express to them. That is to say, to a request of the RAM the hard disk takes 8ms in sending the first data and key USB approximately 1ms, but once located to the data the information it flows with but rapidity of the hard disk towards the RAM that of key USB to the RAM.

A great part of this new yield comes determined by the form in that Windows Vista reads these data and will depend on if they are great or small archives and based on the number of open maps. At the most small better since the keys, according to the explained thing previously handled but fast several small files that one great one. In main lines the yield notes more in the following situations:

* when changing of user with initiated session
* when returning from the hibernation state
* when interchanging between several open maps
* when interchanging between several sales of Internet Explorer
* when changing of screen or changing of level in games
* when the system has little RAM memory

To also add that while a key this being used like ReadyBoost, will not be able to be used to keep files and that will have to be inserted with the ignited computer and following the facilismo menu that appears once in introduced screen, having of deinstalar it, if we decided not to use it but like ReadyBoost, being done click in Equipment, letter of the unit key USB and properties and click in not using this device.

Definitively we affirmed that we have noticed much improvement when playing games that need to load levels or to change of screen, therefore if your system or enjoys good RAM memory, ReadyBoost is a good and cheap option to improve it, and if or you have a key USB, or you know another form to use it.

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