Tips Running Upgrade Wizard

A Tip from Tips Notebook, the Head of Ilient Support Team
  • Go to the SysAid upgrades page on our website, and choose the upgrade which is relevant to you. Please note: you need to choose the upgrade according to the platform your SysAid is installed on (Windows/Linux) , NOT according to the database type you use.
  • The SysAid upgrade should be downloaded to the computer on which SysAid server is installed. You will not be able to upgrade SysAid by running the wizard on just any of your workstation.
  • Download the relevant upgrade. If you did not use SysAid upgrades for a long while, please make sure you are upgrading to the correct version.
  • For instance, if you wish to upgrade from SysAid
  • version 4.0.9, upgrading to the current version will be in two steps: first, you...

will first need to
upgrade to version 4.5.03, and only then will you be able to upgrade to the current SysAid version.

  • To download the upgrade wizard you will be asked for your username and password.
  • If your username and password are expired, please contact us to renew you SysAid Support and Upgrades account.
  • If SysAid is not installed in the default location, you need to change the location in the upgrade wizard. Insert the correct location where your SysAid is installed.
  • Please check that your customizations are not saved in the default location, which is SysAid server\root\web-INF\conf\html, but in a different directory.
  • Note that you do not have to stop or start the service. The SysAid upgrade wizard will do this for you.

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