ITIL Best Practice Tip: Choosing the Most Suitable Service Desk Technology

Choosing the Most Suitable Service Desk Technology

Employing service desk technology does not mean a decrease in your responsibility. The software is only a means to improve your service quality and enhance the efficiency of your workflow.

To be able to do so, you need not only to be able to activate the software in the best way, but also to choose
the most appropriate software among the available ones. The most important elements in your help desk management tool are its adaptability to your organization, to your present and future demands, its user-friendliness and its cost-effectiveness, rather than its exciting appearance or inspiring advertisement.

Keep in mind that not all the service requests you handle actually need a live support team, and many can be solved by means of a reliable software program. When...

you choose a service desk tool for your organization, you should consider the following:

  • Does it allow many ways to communicate between end users and technicians? (e.g. telephone, email, SMS messages etc.)
  • Does it offer a knowledge base feature, so both the end users and the administrators will be able to
  • learn from previous incidents? Is searching the knowledge base simple and user-friendly?
  • Does your IT management software include a diagnostic tool?
  • Are there sufficient network managing tools in your software?

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