How to Repair Demage Photo Using ACDSee?

If from any reason you or your children damaged your photos from vacation or some special events and you think you can't save them, well you can. You can do that very easily using ACDSee Photo Manager and his tool called Photo Repair Tool. ACDSee’s Photo Repair tool combines two very powerful tools to help repair problem photos. If you are beginner and you don't know how to use this tool just fallow our steps, but first we will tell few think about additional tools which you can use.

The Clone tool copies pixels from one area of a photo to another area, creating an identical image area. This tool is more effective for photos that have strong, simple textures or uniform colors, as it is more difficult to identify the copied pixels in the finished photo.

One more very useful tool is Healing Brush Tool. The Healing Brush tool also copies pixels from one area of a photo...

to another, but it analyzes the pixels in the source area before copying them. The Healing Brush Tool also works particularly well with photos that involve complicated textures like skin or fur.

Now to repair your damaged photo using ACDSee 8 fallow next steps:

  • First you need to be in Edit Mode, on the right side of window in Edit Panel select Photo Repair,
  • Now on the Photo Repair tab select one of the fallowing options:
  1. Heal - this option copies the pixels from the source area to the target area, and blends pixels into the surrounding image area.
  2. Clone - this option only copies the pixels from the source area to the target area.
  • Now what you need to do is drag the Nib Width and Feathering sliders. In table belowe you can find additional explanations about these two options:

Nib Width Sets the width of the brush in pixels.

Feathering Sets the amount to feather on the edge of the brush to prevent sharp transitions between the original and healed part of the photo.
  • After you finish with step 3 you can continue by pressing sight click on the image to set a source location. Pixels will be copied from this location and used in the target location.
  • Now click and Drag over the area that you want to cover. If you selected the Healing Brush, ACDSee analyzes and replaces the pixels only when you release the mouse button.
  • To finish with your repairing works do one of fallowing:
  1. Click option Done to apply all changes which you did made and to return to the Viewer mode or
  2. Click option Cancel to exit the tool and cancel all changes which you did made in previous steps.

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