WestCiv Style Master 4.6 Review

Style Master is a complete kit of edition for the style sheets CSS. The Pro version of the software makes it possible to develop with the standard CSS. Each beacon profits from a description and councils in order to be compatible with the various navigators.

Before I start with WestCiv Style Mater Review I will explain you a little bit what style sheets are. CSS (Cascade Style Sheet) is a group of instructions which tells to a web browser how to show certain web page elements. When web browser load web page which have attached CSS, web browser will use tat style to format web page elements. These days CSS is most important tool in creating of web pages.

By using Style Master 4.6 every style can be automatic generated or you can write style from beginning. In both cases you can use Style Manager 4.6. Style Manager is CSS editor with full support for hand CSS editing; after these styles are finished they can be very easily attached to existing HTML document.

Easiest way to create a CSS style is by using Wizard. In few steps you can setup a font type, text formatting, etc. while using Wizard you do not have full control under all webpage elements, you can only use simple examples or some kind of automatic style generator, but after you use them you need to make additional changes to achieve your goal. This is the reason I recommend you to use visual editor and number of options which are available in Style Master 4.6.

Of course, inside this program you can find a collection of finished CSS themes which you can use to speed up your work. Style Manager workspace can be separated into two parts, even if there is much more than two. Left part of screen is used to show you which elements you did used in CSS document. Below this area there is small preview screen which shows you changes which you did made in existing CSS. Top middle part of window show you CSS code which you are editing.

The color tools are handy, but the same functionality can be found in way cheaper apps that are much more useful globally. Plus the validation tools can be accessed through your browser at The application is especially useful when combined with the tutorial information.

Let me also note that I had chance to test Style Master 4.6 on Mac platform. In Mac OS X Panther, Style Master failed to draw any text in the popup alert windows for the various browser checks. In Tiger, that feature seems to be working. However, the preview refresh, which was relatively smooth in Panther, is very choppy in Tiger. It sometimes fails to refresh, most of the time the app just crashes.

Before you decide to download and try this tool let me say one more thing, WestCiv Style Master is not editor of web page or HTML documents. You can use this tool to create a website. This is just on additional tool which can't help you to define look of web page or entire website. If you are looking for tool for CSS editing I will definitely recommend you Style Master which will make your work much easier.

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