Microsoft Live OneCare 2.0 Review

Let us remain in the continuation of safety with the exit of Live OneCare 2.0, the new major version of the solution all-in-a Microsoft. We had spoken recently about this version in preparation and a rather consequent list of innovations, with a will of the giant of the software clearly to return on the level of the other candidates of the sector.

One cannot measure yet the assertions of the editor in this field, but one can speak all the same about the innovations:
  • The OneCare circle: facilitate the protection and the management of several PC (up to three with a single subscription). The user interface simple and intuitive makes it possible to solve many problems of only one click.
  • Divide automatic printers: for the entire PC under subscription Windows Live OneCare and connected to the same local area network.
  • Optimization of the starting of the PC: a faster starting of the PC thanks to the function of suppression of the small starting of the applications seldom used.
  • Configuration of the PC analyzes: preventive repairs and recommendations to improve your experiment on PC.
  • Improved monthly return: to the measures taken by OneCare to maintain a state optimal of the safety of the PC.
  • Safeguard centralized: configuration and followed safeguards of all the PC covered by the subscription Windows Live OneCare, towards a point of safeguard centralized.
Safeguard image online: towards a Windows Live file (with overcost) to protect them from the flight or an accidental loss.

For recall, Live OneCare 2.0 integrates the following elements:
  • An antivirus
  • Anti-spyware
  • An anti-phishing filter
  • A bidirectional fire wall
  • A tool for maintenance
  • A tool of safeguard of the data
  • An assistance in line available 24:00 /24 and 7j/7
  • One year of subscription during which the user receives all the updates available, including the major versions.
The last point is important because those which have in fact current version 1.6 with a valid subscription will automatically receive the update towards the 2.0.

One feature which also exists in version 1.0 is that the system of filing of the data would be rather advanced and would even make it possible to safeguard only the files modified since the last safeguard on CD or a DVD. Moreover, OneCare will have the advantage of very simply showing to the owner of the machine if this one is correctly protected. More precisely, a code of colors (borrowed from the Center of Safety of Windows XP) will come to indicate the level of vulnerability of the computer and will be able to recall to the user whom his machine incurs a possible hazard.

Live OneCare 2.0 is sold with the tariff of 49,95 dollars for one year, the license being able to be useful for three computers. The continuation of safety is compatible with Windows XP SP2 32 bits, like all the versions 32 and 64 bits of Vista.

Per hour when we write, it seems that Microsoft took a little delay. Version 2.0 should have been accessible today, but it could be that all is in place only Monday finally.

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