Flock 1.0 Review

Flock is a web browser based on the code of Mozilla and uses in particular the engine of returned Gecko. The difference is that he very clearly is thought and conceived to direct himself towards the social networks and contains, for this reason, a very great number of functionalities dedicated to sites like Facebook, Digg, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, etc. .

Available under Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, the browser has finally version 1.0 finale. The software was under development for a long time but to place such a type of application to the center of an explosive mass of social networks is a pretty challenge. Version 1.0 brings in particular a new named side bar “People”, which precisely integrates links towards sites like Facebook, but still Twitter, Flickr and YouTube.

The final version of Flock 1.0 is based on Firefox and will follow from now on the rhythm of publication of the navigator fetish of Mozilla for maintenance. It should be noted that Flock 1.0 encounters some problems with extensions such as FireFTP and ChatZilla because they are incompatible with the tools bar, their icons being placed in an erroneous way or completely absent.

However, any user who usually connects himself to a great number of social networks should find in Flock an ideal companion to simplify the organization of his digital life to him, which includes the contacts but also the management of the files and the divided documents. Social dimension is accentuated by the possibility of very easily dividing the address of a site by email or by annotating its favorites which one can divide.
Some Flock Features
RSS Feed Manager

While I was viewing some social websites and also on our blog first thing I noticed while opening blog for the first time is dropdown popup window which show up on top of Flock and warning me that our blog contain RSS feeds (you can see it on image below). This is really great feature (similar feature have Safari) which can save you a lot of time and spare you of searching feed button (or link). You can also deactivate this option by checking filed “Don’t show this again” but if you want to find out more click on “Show me how” link. After that small popup window wills show up, just click on him and you will be taken to RSS feed page where you can find entire feed content.

Flock Favorites Manager

On the basis of the principle that the favorites are made to be divided, Flock makes it possible to safeguard them on a waiter, after having opened an account, in a click on the button “star” located beside the bar of address. In addition to the interest not to store its favorites in a file which it is easy to lose, you can thereafter share these bookmarks with other users according to your centers of interest or your activity. Via the same button star, it is possible to associate the Web pages “marked” with key words to point out them more easily.
Flock have integrated Blogging

Second interesting functionality: the presence of a button allowing you to add a post to your blog instantaneously. The process is compatible with the principal services like Blogger, TypePad or Wordpress (let me note that our blog is under WordPress).

Flock holds a certain number of surprised with those which will take time to excavate in its functions. For the downloading it is enough to go on the official page of the navigator. Also let us note that there exists a special page gathering of the extensions certified for Flock.

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