Nero 6.0 Review

Nero is adapted to all the types of engraving, audio CD, CD-ROM, CD bootable, copy of CD at stolen and all speeds. It supports the majority of the standards of engraving, ISO 9660, ISO mode 1, mode 2, mode XA, overburning, engravings multi-sessions, HFS (Mac mode), ISO/HFS (given accessible by a PC and Mac), UDF (rewriteable CD), PSX, CAT (track-At-ounce), CAD (disc-At-ounce). It as well manages also the CDV (Compact Video Disc) when they are files MPEG-1 that MPEG-2. It should be noted that it supports also the engraving of CD Density (CD DD) of SONY Doubles.

We could not review the entirety of the supported formats, not besides than the totality of the parameters so much that are numerous; let us specify that Nero integrates an editor of jackets still improved; but it is especially on the level of the audio and the video that the team of Ahead worked hard. The software of engraving is now equipped with an audio editor integrated directly into the interface which will make it possible to create Audio CD of better quality with effects of transitions and filters from corrections in real-time. This small “more” is added with a coder MPEG 1 to create his own CD Videos compatible with readers DVD of living room, it is even possible to add menus directly on the video engraved. A very practical system to sail on CD.

The do-it-yourselfers were not forgotten since the developers delivers API (a module intended for the programming) which makes it possible to integrate Nero into any other software. In other words, you can now create your own integrated software.

This new version is thus essential for all those which have an engraver on their PC and the demonstration makes it possible to have a real idea about the quality of the innovations brought.

The pack to be downloaded contains the software Nero Burning Rom 6, Nero Express 6, Nero BackItUp (data back-ups), Nero Cover Designer (creation of jackets), Nero Wave Editor (encoding of files its), Nero SoundTrack, Nero Toolkit, Nero Image Drive (creation of ISO images) and Nero StartSmart.

The interface Nero Startsmart finally makes it possible to the neophytes to fully benefit from the possibilities offered by the software! Very clearly and gravitational, it is so directing that to engrave any CD format mentioned above becomes a play of child, just like to carry out the creation of CD images on the hard drive, the integration of menus to the engraved DVD, etc According to the action that you consider, this interface sends to you indeed directly on the adapted software of the pack which will enable you to carry it out. Thus the beginners will be able to familiarize themselves easily with the various functions of the software while the aficionados of this program will of course find there all the functions of the previous versions in addition to some new possibilities. This new update of Nero supports from now on LightScribe and the DVD-R double-layer.

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