Easy Media Creator 9 Suite Review

Not including less than 35 applications in one, Easy Media Creator 9 Following an objective: to gather the management of your videos, photographs and digital music’s in only one software.

That is the recording of the music, the creation of compilations, the final improvement of photographs, their divisions, the copy and the safeguard of your data, the assembly and the conversion of your films or the realization of DVD, Easy Media Creator can do everything. But does it make well?

Tools of mobility

The great innovation of the software compared to its previous models, in addition to one better stability and of a more pleasant interface, is the addition of mobile functionalities. Easy Media Creator thus enables you to simplify the multimedia transfer of file between your computer and your walkman MP3, your cellphone or your game console. In a click, you can thus convert a MP3 into a ringing compatible with your telephone or a video with format MPEG-4 for your iPod or your PSP. The creation of profiles enables you to personalize these conversions so that they stick to your needs.

The support of the HD

Another innovation of the continuation is the support of burning to the Blu-Ray format. You are thus avoided the burning high-definition which is still, it is true with its stammering.

Very for the music

Side of the music, you can from now on capture the radio on Internet, record your conversations with Skype and more generally, to record all that passes by your chart sound. Note that an astute system of mask enables you to continue your recordings while making you listen to the 10 last recorded seconds. For you to find there among all your music’s, a tool enables you to modify tags ID of all your files and to create lists of readings automatically.

The tool for audio conversion enables you to extract the tracks from your CD and to convert files with format MP3 and WMA, like Ogg Vorbis, Flac and AAC.

Your videos as in Hollywood

The video applications, VideoWave, MyDVD and CineMagic which were already impressive, have from now on a function making it possible automatically to adjust the quality of your projects to the size of the support of destination. These tools also enable you to encrust easily with the 2D objects and 3D in your films like various special effects worthy of a realization Hollywood. Lastly, like the other software of this type, you can easily convert your videos into DivX, DVD Video, etc

Organize and manage your photographs

Easy Media Creator 9 Continuation also touches with the photograph since it enables you to improve them, to add effects to them, to divide them with your friends and to simply carry out charts and calendars.

Burn all
Lastly, Easy Media Creator 9 Continuation does not disavow its origins and also proves to be very good software of burning. That is to copy CD, Audio CD, a DVD, a DVD Video or to carry out a safeguard of your files, to create small pockets, to create and assemble an image disc in a virtual reader or to burn your films on CD/DVD, the software draws successfully from all the situations.

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