Microsoft Outlook 2003 Test Review

If until there the innovations brought to Office did not convince you, version 2003 of Outlook should make you change opinion. Indeed, program of transport celebrates it was completely reconsidered, and new Outlook does not have any more large-thing to see with its predecessors.

Like all the applications of the continuation Office 2003, Outlook New Year's gift a very new interface with toolbars and buttons colored. In addition to this first change, the organization of the principal window underwent deep changes and this one is seen from now on made up of three distinct zones. On the left one finds the Outlook bar which proposes in mail mode the access towards the favorite files, the sight of all the files and the short cuts towards the various functions of Outlook: mail, calendar, contacts and tasks. In the center of the window one finds the emails received, whereas the right part comprises

a new shutter of previsualisation larger and more readable. This new fitting of Outlook is much more pleasant and offers a more natural mode of consultation of the emails. However the Office panel however largely proposed by Microsoft is not available in safe Outlook.

Always with an aim of offering a greater flexibility with regard to the management of the emails, the software proposes a very new sight of the messages which are sorted by date with the mentions: Today, Yesterday, last Week, etc a new function of sorting makes it possible to gather the emails within the same conversation. Thus all the messages having the same subject but preceded by traditional “Re” appear in the shape of a wire of discussion as in a newsgroup. The preceding versions of Outlook made it possible to ensure a follow-up of the emails by those which you indicate of a flag.

Outlook 2003 will define further and proposes six different colors henceforth and is moreover able automatically to add a flag to the emails entering according to preset criteria (shippers, etc). The notification of the emails progresses in Outlook 2003, a small rectangle appearing in transparency over Windows Bureau for you alert arrival of a new message. This dialog box which does not remain posted that a few seconds gives information on the object and the shipper of the email and allows removing the missive directly. Practical this function puts up strong evil with the plays videos since it will cause during a few seconds an unpleasant flickering in incrustation in the corner lower right of your screen.

The heart even of the program was also cleaned just like the format of file PST. Thus the data base of the emails can henceforth have a maximum size of 20 GB, against 2 GB formerly. At the time of the catch in hand of the program one smells immediately those significant improvements were made by the developers: Outlook 2003 takes care indeed more quickly than the preceding edition and research of emails in a broad base is significantly faster than before.

In connection with research it is interesting to announce that Outlook 2003 proposes three new sights making it possible to post only the mails not read, the bulky mails and the mails to be followed: here is a quite practical function for quickly finding it’s small in the box of reception. Also let us announce a small quite appreciable refinement: the hypertext links contained in the emails cause the opening of the pages on which they point in a new window and not in an existing window. For a few months already, the priority of the priorities at Microsoft has been to reinforce the integrity of the software.

Outlook 2003 is a good example of the work undertaken by Microsoft to consolidate its applications. By defect the application prevents the posting of the external images called by the emails: some will see this function like a true wound and will hasten to decontaminate it whereas others are charmed to get rid of the images sometimes not very advisable which one receives by email.

Outlook 2003 inaugurates an automatic filtering of the emails in order to dam up the plague of the SPAM. The function “mail undesirable” thus makes its appearance and functions in a more or less intelligent way. Each entering email is analyzed and according to certain criteria the algorithm validates the email or identifies it like a message not requested to move it automatically in the file reserved to this end. Of course like any filter, the function undesirable mail of Outlook still lets pass from the SPAM.

Two levels of protection are available: weak or high. In a case as in the other if Outlook does not identify all the SPAM we could note during our tests only it takes forever legitimate emails for SPAM what is a good point. When a SPAM cuts through a path to your box of reception, a function makes it possible to add its shipper to the list of the blocked shippers. Damage on the other hand that no button is present by defect on the bar of tools of the software to block the inappropriate emails.

The function calendar of Outlook also offers some innovations as the possibility of publishing its calendar on Internet in order to divide its go with various collaborators. The personalization of the calendar is more thorough than ever and the user can from now on change the prime coat of the calendar. The manager of contacts of Outlook evolves/moves moderately and henceforth proposes the inclusion of a photograph of your interlocutor in the card contact. As to each new version of Outlook, or almost, the compatibility of the existing third applications is called in question.

If side of the PDA, Outlook 2003 does not pose any particular problem thanks to ActiveSync 3.7, it does not go from there in the same way for the software of fax. DelrinaFax Pro of Symantec 10 is incompatible with Outlook 2003: Symantec did not consider it useful to put on line a patch correcting the problem; it is thus necessary to get the version 10.03 which supports the last grinding of Office. At BVRP, the software WinPhone Expert has also some problems of less width with Outlook 2003, but fortunately the editor had the good taste to propose a free patch curing it.

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