Internet Explorer 7 Review

After many years without major updates, Internet Explorer makes new skin and returns in a new version. It should be said that on the level of the functionalities, Internet Explorer 6 had quickly been done preceded by its competitors Firefox and Opera.

Main new thing: tabbed browsing. You can thus open several Web pages now in a single window of navigator. Note that it is possible to leave tabs open to closing and automatically to reopen them during following navigation. Very practical to continue navigation.

The new Internet Explorer features a built-in search box, similar to the one in Firefox or Opera. By default it uses Microsoft's LiveSearch. This is Microsoft's stab at Google's search revenue. There are a couple of things to note here. First is that LiveSearch is much slower than Google Search. The second is that Live search for Images is really well done

and is better than Google image search.
Internet Explorer 7 accentuates strong safety. In addition to the management of the ActiveX applications which was reinforced to limit the pirate raids, Internet Explorer 7 integrates from now on a filter anti phishing which is given the responsibility to compare the addresses of the sites that you visit with a potentially dangerous mailing list. You are thus informed visually sites at the risk (the bar of addresses transfers with the red or the yellow following the risk).

Note that an invaluable order enables you to empty in a click temporary files Internet, the cookies, the history of navigation and the forms. (all at the same time or separately).

RSS feeds from now on are taken charges some and you can easily follow in Internet Explorer 7 various information coming from your preferred sites.

If you carry out a migration since an old Internet Explorer version, your favorites as your adjustments concerning the security level of the sites which you visit are preserved.

Protected, of the practical functionalities and which join those that one finds at competition: if you use already Internet Explorer, this new version is essential. For the others, it is worth the blow to be tried to have an idea. It seems like the IE team was pressured to release the tool (because of what Firefox is bringing out) before they had a chance to rethink and redo everything.

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