Microosft Excel 2007 Review

The software spreadsheet of the Office continuation benefits from significant improvements with the arrival of Office 2007, improvements which go beyond the new appearance of the interface and its Office ribbon. First fundamental change, Excel 2007 is now able to draw advantage from the processors double-heart and the HyperThreading processors. The user neophyte will probably not realize any, but that whose worksheets dangerously approach the new limitation in a number of cells (1 million) and columns (16 000) will congratulate of not to doubt the news.

Compared with Excel 2003, the increase in the maximum number of cells is established with 1500% and that of the number of columns with 6300%. The Office ribbon makes it possible Excel to offer a very new comfort when it is a question of formatting your given since the user can henceforth easily choose a style of table in a dedicated gallery and Microsoft proposes even a gallery “Style of cells” for quickly modifying the appearance of a cell of data. Small flat, if the gallery of the styles of cells benefits from the dynamic outline, it does not go from there in the same way for the gallery of working of tables.

It should be noted that with Excel 2007, working

of the cells in table, when you activate the headings, allows to keep those always visible even when you make ravel the elevator (attention it will imperatively be necessary to create an entity table as a preliminary to benefit from it). Excel 2007 in addition takes again on its account the SmartArt functionality inaugurated by Word and making it possible to insert pyramids, graphs and other flow charts with its worksheets.

But the other great innovation of this twelfth Excel it is of course the module making it possible to create graphs. This one was largely altered and benefits from a very new engine which makes it possible to make the graphs more beautiful, more attractive with in premium of true effects 3D thanks to gradations of colors on several levels, of the effects of transparency and even of the soft shades! Completely re-examined, the graphic tool benefits from the new Office interface with three rather simple mitres which materialize in the ribbon: Creation, Provision and Working.

The first mitre makes it possible to very quickly select the style of the graph since an existing gallery whereas the second allows you to strictly speaking define a number of options having milked in the graph (name of the axes, squaring, legend, labels of the data, etc). The last mitre will be useful if you wish to change certain attributes of working like the color of the police force, the color of one of the bars of your histogram via the gallery “style of forms”, or the application of a Wordart style to the legend of your graph. The Wordart styles benefit from the dynamic revisualization, and you see your legend changing as you point a new style.

On the other hand, once your graph created, the dynamic revisualization does not function for the styles of graph: impossible to see what your graph would give if you select a new style. Too bad! Let us finish our review of the functions of the graphics package by specifying that the teams of development of Microsoft also re-examined the fitting of the majority of the dialog boxes of property. The accustomed user of Excel will be diverted enough besides because the access to certain functions (minimal scale of the axis for example) can require some acrobatics whereas it is necessary to be accustomed to the new orders of working of a graph.

The functions of Excel as regards work of group also grow rich with, in addition to the tools of revision, the possibility of publishing a sorter on an internal waiter of documents to the company. Naturally this function requires the presence of Office SharePoint Server on the network, which in fact reduces of it the range according to the size of your structure.

Excel 2007 does not stop in so good way and proposes a tool of working conditional passably altered. Applying to your data, this function allows calls to some extent on your tables while emphasizing the values corresponding to certain criteria which you will determine yourself. Basic the cells concerned with working transfer with the red and the software also proposes to emphasize automatically the 10 highest values of the selection or the 10 lowest values. But it is not all since to still facilitate the reading of the tables; Excel can post in each cell a bar of data which corresponds to the size of the value compared to the series. You can also choose a posting with icons or a posting containing nuances. To also retain a new view says “page layout view”, which makes it possible to create a worksheet without losing sight of the fact the considerations relating to the impression.

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