Lavasoft AdAware 2007 Review

The majority of people know the freeware, the shareware, the cookies, the multimedia players, the contents interactive and the file-sharing. On the other hand, they do not realize that these elements contain sometimes codes or components which make it possible their developers to collect and to disseminate information on the people who use them. These codes or components are called spywares.

They can follow your practices on the Web, to benefit from your connection Internet to send their data to thirds, to establish the profile of your preferences as regards shopping, to pirate the banner page of your navigator, to deteriorate important system files, and all that, without your knowledge. The implications of these exploits on the level of safety and the private life are rather obvious and nobody wishes to try out them on his system or network!

But there are always solutions and tools which will help you to fight against these mean creatures. One of them is Lavasoft Ad-Ware which is now in his new version 2007 about which we did wrote and which we also did tested in beta phase. Ad-Aware 2007 is a utility which checks the memory, register base and the hard drives in order to detect Spywares known and to withdraw them without risk.

A report can be created automatically or manually after each scan. The documents being dated, you will be able to consult them later on and then to check the state of infection of your computer during a preceding examination. You can of course select the elements to withdraw computer.

This edition of Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2007 comes in different version for different users. If you still do not have money to invest in your computer protection then you can download Ad-Aware 2007 Free version. While I did tested Free version I noticed that scan time is drastically increased from 8 to 5 minutes. But from other side it was harder to test the program's new ability to search and remove rootkits and other threats that burrow deep into your PC. Let me note that earlier version of Ad-Aware weren't equipped to handle today's threats.

One more tool can be also found in this Free version and it is TrackSweep which is privacy tool and it allows you to remove all traces of your internet browsing from your system. This feature is also supported by most popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera which review you can also find on our website.

Also new, and hard to miss, is Ad-Aware 2007's interface, which is available in all three versions; it adds up to more than just cosmetic changes. Many options are proposed like the depth of the examination or the selection of the tests carried out. AD-Aware can check only the active processes and the register of the system, for example. The interface of the application is clear and easy to take in hand since assistants guide you in the various procedures, of the scan to the obliteration of the detected spies.

All versions of Ad-Aware 2007 have also received an improved handling of definition updates which now happened more often but it was not case in earlier versions because it relied on periodic program updates, and the accumulated changes took longer to download to your PC.

Well that would be it for Free AdAware version, if you still think this is not enough for your protection than you should decide to BUY Premium version which deliver more but do not worry it only cast 15$ and if you want it you can buy it here. Now let me say few information’s about this version (AdAware Premium).
Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2007 Premium

A huge advantage of Ad-Aware Plus is the real-time protection of your system that nips in the bud adware, spyware and malware problems before they become serious. Although this feature is not new for this 2007 version, she was also available in earlier versions. Premium version also posses few additional tools like:

* Ad-Watch RegShield - provides improved protection against attempted Registry changes (the Registry is a favorite target for many forms of malware).
* Hosts File Editor - blocks advertisement sites, prevents browser hijack attempts, and offers limited parental controls.
* The Scheduler - allows you to set automatic scans and updates.

Now what are conclusion after this Ad-Aware 2007 review, well all I can say is that I would definitely recommend you to download free version which will surly protect you from annoying spyware.

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