Ulead Photo Explorer 8.5 Review

More than one simple viewer of images or than a video audio reader, Ulead Photo Explorer integrates functions of acquisition, edition, cataloguing and exit, on paper as on screen. In other words, this software which covers each stage of the graphic chain is a genuine multi-function pocket knife of the handling of numerical documents. Its vocation is not to replace specialized tools, but to offer a palliative accessible to all. It can come to end from great numbers of current tasks thanks to tools of creations certainly summary, but amply sufficient for: to create savers of screen, calendars personalized, wallpapers for the office of Windows or of the Web pages…

Like all the software of this category, Ulead Photo Explorer 8.5 makes it possible to at a glance embrace the whole of the images of a file, to open them in dexterity, or to project them with the file in the form of a configurable diagram.

Ulead can deal with the digitalization of images and the recovery of photographs starting from a digital device or that of video sequences since a video camera. The standard tools of edition are integrated, for example to format a photograph before printing it: rotation, realignment, redimensioning, adjustment of the color, conversion from one to another format. Each one of these operations can be applied to a file taken individually, or whole documents (image processing by batches).

Ulead Photo Explorer can open, safeguard and convert the files of more than 35 graphic formats, of which impossible to circumvent the GIF, animated GIF, JPG, PCD, PCX, PXR, BMP, tiff, TGA, PNG, WMF and principal audio and video formats WITH, AVI, MPEG-1, WAV, MID, MP3.

The colored interface of this software is as attractive as intuitive thanks to icons completely speaking and a well arranged workspace and besides highly personnalisable.

Without being a tool of a great originality, Ulead Photo Explorer 8.5 gathers in an autonomous application an impressive whole of functionalities. Among the most refined, one will retain the possibility of attaching a document to a new email of a simple click, or that to divide his files on Internet by the means of the Web site. Indeed, by creating a user account on the site and by deferring this information in the preferences of Ulead Photo Explorer, you will have access to a storage space in limit of 20 MB. Free with you to transfer from a simple click the documents of your choice, which it is a question of putting a copy of your sensitive files in sure place, or to reveal to it your photographs of holidays to the remainder of planet!

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