Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Test Review

Dreamweaver is one of HTML editors the most used at present by the professionals. Co-operative, this software can thanks to its module of tabular data import data of CSV or data base worksheets in HTML tables. It is of course possible to add special characters, to create sets of frameworks, and to insert contents Flash, Shockwave, and Generator (three Macromedia products).

As it was said, enormous they are the new functionalities introduced from this version of Dreamweaver, would not be enough the entire course for illustrates them in detail. And however my intention to pass them in review synthetically, showing the changes more meant to you.

That will serve to the principianti in order to make an ulterior step in the acquaintance of this program - before penetrating to us in the detail of the main functionalities - but above all could be useful to which, knowing Dreamweaver already, they will be able endured

to draw advantage from the new functionalities.
The main innovations of Dreamweaver MX can be grouped in six categories:
  • The new interface;
  • Integration of Home Site to its inside and the consequent improvements above all when it is worked directly on the code;
  • The functionalities in order to join to the standards of the web established from the W3C (Consortium World Wide Web);
  • The most tightened integration with the other software of Macromedia;
  • The technologies and the languages server side support to you;
  • The models “Quick Start”;
The new interface Like already illustrated in the first one understood it and happened to you, the interface radically is changed, remembers the points already illustrates to you previously:
  • Integrated interface;
  • The possibility to open more documents and to pass from one to the other selecting the name of the rows place over the Bar of State;
  • The Toolbar new Standard;
  • The way to manage to uncouple and to group the panels;
  • The group of Result panels;
  • The Site spring panel for integration with this Macromedia software for the management of the production of situated web;
  • The Answers panel;
  • The panels Tag Inspector and Snippets inside of the group Tails.
A tool for mapping of the images integrated authorizes the addition of referred zones, the modification of the bonds and the targets, and the application of behaviors directly in the window of the document, in the same way an editor of beacons allows quickly to modify, add, or remove, the beacon defined for the current selection, without leaving the posting of design.

Integration with the Macromedia range makes it possible to easily import code HTML and JavaScript generated in Fireworks as well as the images resulting from an operation of cutting. The cascaded style sheets are supported, just as the dynamic HTML and the styles HTML which make it possible to define styles with the standard beaconing of the characters. The synchronization of the files makes it possible to synchronize the local version and the distant version of a site thanks to integrated customer ftp. Dreamweaver is evolutionary and can easily integrate other applications conceived for the Web, thus the beaconing of waiter “Roundtrip” recognizes beacons ASP, JSP, CFML and PHP.

Lastly, it will be noted that with this version 3, Dreamweaver a multiple cancellation via the pallet of history embarks, a function of cleaning of code HTML of Word of which it withdraws the useless styles and the code and removes the beacons owners and of the functionalities supporting work in group, for example, the possibility of integrating into the document of the explanatory notes.

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