Office 2003: the SP3 blocks certain files

“The old” formats of files are not any more in odor of holiness in the office automation continuation Office 2003, which after application of the SP3 published in September 2007, refuses their opening.

With the row of excluded, files with the format Microsoft Office Excel 2003, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003, Microsoft Office Word 2003 like CorelDraw (.cdr) regarded as less sure and likely to present a risk for the user.

Small surprise with the SP3 of Office 2003

To pass unperceived initially, several users started to complain about this measurement installation by Microsoft, the more so as it was not explicitly mentioned in the notes of version of the SP3.

Via-a-via growing dissatisfaction, Microsoft...

published in December an explanatory note on this subject. These explanations in any case truly did not convince Corel which belongs to the injured third editors. Referring about it to the publications of centers of day before in computer security (like the US-CERT) virgin of any information against CorelDraw, Corel indicated not to include/understand the classification of Microsoft for its files .cdr, while specifying to work with the firm of Redmond to draw the things with light.

In order to circumvent this “security measure”, it is possible all the same for the users of Office 2003 concerned, to pass some by modifications to operate in register base.

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