Notebook screen

Thanks to more powerful processors, larger diagonal screen view with the new standards and interfaces and drives, the gap between the performance and functionality of the top-class notebooks and desktop fellow practically disappears. Future notebook owners choose their laptops, building on the size of the matrix. This is not surprising, since the convenience of it is very much dependent on the matrix.
For those people who have a lot of time traveling and conducting on the road, for business people who need to wear a computer, it will be Ultra notebook with a diagonal matrix of 7.0, 10.6, 11.1, 12.1 or 13.3 inches

Most notebook buyers pay attention to the configuration and design firstly, but the screen is a more important component here- from its size the size and weight of the notebook depends, while the comfort of working on the notebook depends on size, quality of the screen and it`s resolution. Resolution is the number of pixels. Nowadays most budget notebooks screens is 1024x768. Tasks that will be put to the laptop, play a crucial role in the issue of how to buy a laptop. It is easier to work on big display , but less weight and compactness has its own advantages.

For text works rather buy a notebook with a resolution of XGA (1024 х768). At the same time web designers and people who sometimes work with computer graphics, would prefer to buy a notebook with a resolution WUXGA (1920 х1200). High resolution also positively affected viewing films as well as better suited to gamers. The best option now is to buy a notebook with a matrix made with Multi-Domain Vertical Alignment Technology (MVA). These displays are better compared with TN colour, high brightness and contrast.

The best colour matrix have IPS techology (In Plane Switching) - visibility can reach even 180 degrees (horizontally and vertically). But if you want to buy a notebook with IPS matrix, please note that the display will be with slow reaction time and increased energy consuming. Plus the whole technology is still expensive, like any top gadgets. When choosing a notebook you should consider the fact of how and where it will be used.
If you travel a lot the best variant for you will be a business-class notebook with 12-13 inches screen. It`s lighter and much more stable - broken screen on your laptop means that your perfectly good computer become unusable.

If working at home and in the office - the 14-15 inches screen model will suit you best. Widescreen is becoming a standard in notebooks, mostly because a widescreen add a lot more reading space, using same place on your table.

If you know for sure that you'll carry your notebook not more than two times a day- up to the car and back- you should choose a 17 inches screen model. If you want your laptop to a stationary PC replacement home or for use as a multimedia centre or gaming, which is very important object and image quality, you definetily should choose a notebook matrix diagonal 17.0, 17.1 or even 20.1 And more - large notebooks with widescreen can be carried into meeting where its large screen will deliver presentations far better than a conventional 15.4 inches laptop!

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