Notebook Hard disk

The most popular hard disk volume at the notebooks market today amounts 60 to 120Gb - everything depends on a particular model and on the price range to which the chosen notebook belongs.

But in generally: the bigger the hard disk is - the better. Compared to their bigger desktop brothers, hard drives for notebook computers are slow, more expensive and lack capacity. As notebooks are mostly used on the move, very good, if the hard drive is shock-mounted to protect your data. Today SSD discs are still too expensive and can't compete with the ordinary HDDs in volume. You will overpay several hundred dollars and get the smaller volume instead.

You'd much better spend this money to buy an additional battery and upgrade notebook HD later. The average price of notebook hard drives has fallen by almost 30-40 per cent in a last year, so for 100-130$ you can easily upgrade your notebook HD, if you possible to do installation by yourself .

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