How to Save on Ink Cartridges

My least favorite computer expenses is ink jet cartridges. There’s no logical reason why ink costs so much, but there are several ways to avoid paying full price.

Printer manufacturers such as Canon, HP and Epson sell inkjet printers for ridiculously low prices and count on making most of their profits from ink and paper sales. You can usually get a free low-end printer when you buy a new notebook, but you’ll spend hundreds on ink over the life of it.

It’s important to look at how much ink you’re getting in your refills to gauge how much you’re really spending on ink. There are often several ink cartridges of varying capacities available for the same printer. What’s shocking is the cost of ink per ml (milliliter). Most printer manufacturers sell ink refills at a price that’s more than almost any other liquid, including human blood.

Next time you run out of ink, don’t rush out and buy original buy a new ink cartridge from your local retailer before you consider one of these options:

Refill Your Cartridges: A refill kit is the cheapest alternative to buying an OEM ink cartridge. A refill kit comes with the necessary tools to inject new ink back into your old cartridges. Many office supply stores will refill your cartridges for you if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Buy Generic Cartridges: Generic ink cartridges are up to 75% less than full-priced HP, Canon and Epson cartridges. These stores claim they’re of the same quality. Many tech experts have been quoted as saying that they use generic ink for everyday printing.To see pricing visit (U.S.) or (U.K.), which sponsored this post (click here for more info about or visit their HP Ink Cartridges page, Espon Ink Cartridges page or Lexmark Ink Cartridges page for pricing info).

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