How to save a MSI log file to troubleshoot install and uninstall issues (Norton Internet Security)?

If Norton AntiVirus fails to install, we recommend saving the Norton AntiVirus 2005 (Date/Time).LOG file that is generated by default during your installation of Norton AntiVirus.

This will help the Symantec Support Team to resolve your issue faster. After uninstalling Norton AntiVirus, there should be two Norton AntiVirus 2005.log files. The install log should show an earlier date, time and smaller KB size. The uninstall log should show a later...

date, time and bigger KB size.

1. To locate this log file:
2. Click on "Start > Run."
3. Type the following command "%temp%".
4. This should automatically launch the Windowstemporary directory.
5. Find a file called "Norton AntiVirus 2005(Date/Time).log.

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