How to remove annoying spyware from your Windows?

You probably heard this question a zillion times; my computer is infected with spyware and I can’t remove him, I also did try to remove him from Windows registry base but there is no effect? I also did try to use all available spyware software but also its seems like he want get out from my computer. Yes we know this could be very annoying and this is the reason we will try to explain you how to remove him effectual. Of course we don't know how much you problem is serious so we will first recommend you to use any available spyware software which you have. If you maybe use Ad-Aware you can read our Ad-Aware Guide and than if there is no effect come back on this post.

Now, we suppose you didn't have luck with Ad-Aware or any other spyware software and this is reason why you need to continue to read. Now because you didn’t remove spyware using spyware software you can use Windows function “System Restore" (remember that Windows 2000 don't have this function). To run this function...

you need to do next:
  • Click Start,
  • Choose Programs (or All Programs)
  • Now choose "Accessories"
  • Choose "System Tools" than choose "System Restore",
  • Then choose "Restore my computer to an earlier time" and press next
  • Now choose any earlier time which is available in calendar (we recommend that you create Restore Point every one week)
If example above didn’t help than you can try next one:

Restart your computer and before windows start to load press F8. In menu which appears choose “Safe Mode with a Command Prompt” and then choose your Operation System. In command line write C:\windows\system32\restore\rstrui.exe, and then press Enter and try to run “System Restore” function.

If even after this tip your computer is infected, you need to request help from spyware software developer companies which did developed you spyware software. You can also find help from other users (for example on our Windows Support forums). All you have to do is to download tool HijackThis, after you download software run him, this software will make report of all suspicious acts inside your Windows. Send this report on popular forums like TechSoup or maybe on Spyware Warrior and we believe you will receive answer.

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