How to improve sound on Video files?

  • You must use BSPlayer. Find plugin for WinAmp Enhancer017.exe (visit and search plugins).
  • Install plugin in BSPlayer folder: C:\Program Files\BSPlayer\plugins\Winamp\,
  • Now, run Winamp and go to "Options > Preferences > Plug-ins" and change directory for "DSP/Effect plug-in directory" so he point to the place where you did install Enhancer,
  • Go to "Options > Preferences > Plug-ins > DSP/Effect", mark Enhancer and click on Configure,
  • Adjust "Volume 10, Harmonic Bass 5, Harmonic Bass Range 5, Drum Bass 5, Drum Bass Range 5, Dry Signal 10, Harmonic Treble 10, Harmonic Treble Range 10, Ambience off, Ambience Range 1,
  • Turn on "Power" and "Buster" (small lamp in top left corner you need to see green light if it is turn on),
  • Close all opened windows,
  • Run Winamp again and check setups,
  • Run BSPlayer and go to "Options > Preferences > Audio",
  • Turn on "Enable winamp DSP plugins",
  • Choose dsp_enh.dll,
  • If he don't exist setup Winamp plugin directory on C:\Program Files\BSPlayer\plugins\Winamp\,
  • Run any movie in BSPlayer and check is sound now strong than before,
  • If it is not try to setup sound setups while BSPlayer is open with movie,
  • After all restart your computer.
Note: These setups were checks in BSplayer 086.501 and they work great, if they work great also on your computer than you did improve sound on Video files

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