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In this lesson, we’ll look at what kind of hardware you need to be able to connect your Dream PC to another PC and to the Internet at top speeds. No Dream PC is an island. To get the most out of your Dream PC you need to be able to connect it to other PCs and also to the Internet at high bandwith speeds (either cable or DSL).

A network that will allow you to connect to other PCs and the Internet has three components:

* Network adaptor
* Router/Modem
* Cables

Network adaptor

A network adaptor is a port (that can either be built onto the motherboard or come as a PCI card) that allows you to connect to others PCs on the...

Internet. The adaptor is commonly referred to as an Ethernet adaptor.

  • Speed is important. Speeds of 10/100/1000Mbps are offered. Consider 100Mbps a minimum and go for 1000Mbps if you plan on using your network often.
  • Price is not all that important and if you have onboard networking capability on your motherboard and the speed is good, (which it will be because you’ve bought a good motherboard) then you can use that.


There literally are hundreds of different router/modems that allow you to connect to other PCs and the Internet.

* Buy a well-known brand. Stick with Linksys, D-Link or Belkin.
* Price is a good guide. Steer clear of inexpensive options.
* Make sure that the router supports 1000Mbps if you want a speedy network.
* Consider going wireless, if latency/speed issues are less of a concern.


If you’re not going wireless, never overlook quality cables. Good quality PC gear can be let down by poor cables.

  • The cable you need to connect everything is called Cat5e. This can be bought in lengths with connectors already attached or on the roll and you add your own connectors. If you’ve never fitted your own connectors, then buy the stuff ready-made.
  • Buy good quality cable - Belkin is an example.
  • Never cut a cable. This will only result in problems.

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