Five sexiest laptops

What makes a sexy laptop? Is it sleek portability? A pattern which catches the eye as well as the heart? A design that is as avant-garde as any fashion accessory? A notebook which, when flashed, gets you into any club and lets you walk out with the girl of your dreams (or at least for the night)? If you answered yes to all the above, give yourself an A--for incredible optimism.

Though none of these sexy numbers come cheap (with the exception of the HP Compaq 2133), most likely, the only thing you are going to get is a second glance for having an unusual laptop in your hands. Colors are so last season, with the latest and most desirable going the extra mile by being the slimmest or having a unique patterned design. We took a look at what's available in the market and give you five good reasons why you should drool-protect your keyboard before reading on.

MacBook Air
What the ASUS Eee PC did for price, the MacBook Air did for design. By working with Intel to create a new class of low-profile processors, Apple unleashed an impossibly slim laptop which wowed the world when it was first unveiled coming out of a manila envelope.

Yes, we know about the ridiculous compromises in features. We have also heard of the USB port which defies all but a standard-sized USB connector. But they all fly from the mind when one sets eyes on the sleek aluminum chassis. If there was ever a zen laptop, then the MacBook Air is about as close as you can get. Don't take our word for it. When the competition starts touting words like MacBook Air killer, Apple knew it had a winner.

HP Compaq 2133
Imagine the MacBook Air, make it shorter and thicker and you would probably end up with the HP Compaq 2133, or better known as the HP Mini-Note. The first sub-12-inch laptop from the US maker, the metal body has no visible screws or panels to spoil its aesthetic appeal.

We're not sure if looks were the original intent, though, as HP claims that the design was aimed at making the unit tamper-proof (i.e. no user upgrades allowed). Nonetheless, we love the acrylic-reinforced LCD and large keyboard, which makes it one of the few mini-notebooks that won't give finger cramps from typing anything longer than an email.

LG P300
This one's for the gamers. For too long we have been marginalized and forced to choose between sleek portability or gaming prowess when it came to laptops and, by jove, we've had enough. Fortunately, before we go up in arms outside PC manufacturers' headquarters demanding action, the LG P300 came and saved the day.

With similar dimensions to the ThinkPad X300, the P300 doesn't include an optical drive. Instead, it holds a gaming-grade Nvidia GeForce 8600M GS which is competent enough to play even the resource-intensive Crysis, as long as one is not too fussy about high resolutions and textures. It helps that the purple tiger stripe design on the top cover is especially eye-catching, though the jury is still out as to whether the look is a little too loud.

IdeaPad U110
Lenovo has come a long way since the boxy Bento-like ThinkPads. The IdeaPad range is a consumer-class lineup that aims to please the eye, which the latest U110 fits the bill perfectly. The 11.1-inch laptop comes in a choice of black or red which has a vine-patterned texture on its top cover which makes it look like an intricate work of art.

But looks is not its only forte. Lenovo has tried to pack as many features as possible under the hood. From the bezel-less screen to its 5.1-channel audio system and face-recognition Webcam, this is one laptop which seeks to impress from all angles. Granted, the battery life with the four-cell is a mere 2 hours, but fortunately there are extended battery options available.

Sony VAIO TZ series
A lot of thought was put into the design of Sony's TZ series. From the slim, LED-backlit screen to the tilt of the keyboard, the Japanese company did all it could to ensure that this laptop is not only a pleasure to behold, but a joy to use.

Available in several colors as well as a choice of Solid State Drives, this 11.1-inch number is one of the few which didn't sacrifice features or usability in its bid for portability. The keyboard keys are similar to those on the MacBook, which makes it easy to type on. It also has excellent battery life even with the standard cell, while the extended battery actually lifts the unit from the rear and gives it a nice tilt. Though some have reported that the build quality could be a little more solid, we feel that for the frequent traveler this is almost a must-have accessory to carry around.

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