Yep PDF Converter for Mac Review

After distribute being distributed in free version Beta, Yep became a shareware. The object of this software is to manage PDF documents like the photographs in iPhoto, i.e. using a navigator. PDF files are thus accessible by keyword, via albums, intelligent or not. An innovation of this version 1.6.4 is the automatic importation of PDF files: for this purpose the hard disk is raked systematically. Moreover, associated a scanner, Yep can manage the digitalization of the documents. To note the regularity of the updates of the application who are as much of occasion of correction of bugs and contribution of new functionalities.
Yep Interface

The interface evokes iPhoto. It is made up of a central part posting the labels (with adjustable size) of PDF documents, of a left-hand column making it possible to manage the organization of the documents in album and of a right part describing to most completely possible it (S) document (S) posted (S)

The left-hand column can cover several employments. Instead of the organization in album, it can post the keywords or a browser files of your discs. It is then possible to directly move PDF documents of a file to another by simple “slip-depositing”. The central part classically posts the labels of the first page of PDF document, but can also present the documents in the form of list. Posted information is of course modifiable thanks to the headings of columns.

It is also this central part which is transformed into visualisor. In a way similar to iPhoto and his editor of image, the visualisor allows to send the PDF by email directly, to print it, to make him undergo a rotation or to post it in full screen.

User has from now on faculty to choose the page which will hold place of miniature. It is a pity however which this functionality is dissimulated in the menus, and not directly accessible via a small icon. A second regret is due to impossibility of enriching the document by textual comments. As for the right part, it posts, with the manner of information of Finder, all information available on the document.
PDF Importation

Yep does not import any more documents in its repertories but indexes the entirety of the hard disk to starting (similar to most photo software’s like Picasa or ACDSee for Windows). As example, one needed 1 minute for the first opening to gather 1600 PDF files on an occupied hard disk to a total value of 120 GB.

Fortunately it is possible to choose the repertories to be explored, and, better still, those to avoid! It would have been welcome to be able to preserve its configurations, and to have in addition the possibility of activating the scan. But it is possible via Yep to easily generate new PDF documents:
  1. Associated a scanner, Yep can digitize a document directly.
  2. Quite practical Function for those which do not have a scanner but a numerical camera, Yep can generate a PDF document starting from an image. Keywords could then be added to structure filing. This functionality, disappeared with version 1.5, and is reappeared with pleasure with version 1.6.1!
Our final impression about Yep for Mac

Yep item adds one “Save PDF to Yep” to the small PDF of the dialogue of impression Mac OS X. Thus Yep generates a PDF document which it places in its repertory of importation. This last is organized hierarchically by date. Its localization is from now on configurable by the preferences.

Innovation: YepShot. You can activate this option, which adds simply a bookmark to your preferred navigator. Then, during the navigation and of the choice of this bookmark, Yep produces a PDF document then, and adds to him automatically like key words, the terms selected in the page. Good idea… but the generation of page is not optimal, and the quality of the produced document depends much on the complexity of the page.

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