Picasa 2.7 Review

Whit more and more photo editing software we get every few weeks it is very hard to decide which one you should pick. From other side, it's also hard for programmers to find new features which all ready don’t exist and to implement them in their software. But, sometimes we can find little software which offers a lot of new functionalities and what is most important they are free. In this category of photo editing and photo management software we can place Picasa 2.

Picasa is a company which was repurchased by Google whose software makes it possible to manage its numerical photographs. It functions on the same principle as its principal challengers that are Adobe Photoshop Album and Jasc Paint Shop Pro Album. One starts by locating the site of storage of the photographs on the hard disk to allow the software automatically to import them and to classify them in albums. To reorganize them, it is enough to slip/deposit the images. We also notice that while Picasa did scan our hard drive for images he also did scan all video files which we did have and show them in Picasa library.

Picasa proposes a dynamic function of zoom of the entire album, strictly similar to that of Photoshop Album but much faster and fluid with equivalent machine. An integrated editor allows basic final improvements like the realignment, the removal of the red eyes, rotation or the automatic improvement. A function “line of time”, proposes to view the photographs by chronological order. It orders unfortunately only the albums and not the photographs themselves. To benefit from it, it will thus be necessary to spend time to gather the photographs in albums.

Several functions of export of the album are available like the sending of the photographs selected by email, the impression or the creation of an under-album with one redimentionnement automatic of the images. One greater feature which Picasa 2.7 offers is possibility to send images from your hard drive directly into Picture Tray to BloggerBot in Hello, so if you are a big blogger or you just have Blogger account this is one more reason why you should try to use this tool.

Our opinion about Picasa 2

Picasa is superb on the level of ergonomics and the graphic effects. The software seems particularly well optimized to turn very quickly even on small configurations, which is not inevitably the case of the two gas works evoked previously. It misses however in Picasa the possibility of classifying all the photographs by date without taking account of the albums, to be able to store them in several different albums and some other details for truly outclassing Adobe Photoshop album in term of functionality.

In short, Picasa proposes free a light and powerful software which will be enough largely in the majority to the users to manage its photographs. It should be noted that oddly on some of the stations on which we installed Picasa, the software required a job number after one period of 15 days evaluation. It would seem that that is depend on the software installed on the station.

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