Microsoft Office: Word 2003 Test Review

Microsoft Word is almost impossible to circumvent today just like Excel which quickly was essential like the spreadsheet of reference. Let us start with Word, whose version 2003 evolves naturally with some new functionalities, but say the whole of go, if they improve the software they do not have anything revolutionist. It is the case for example new fashion of reading of the documents. Also with the opening of a Word file, the text processing masks the status bar automatically, the useless toolbars, rehabilitates page-setting of the documents to the size of the window, while enabling you to sail easily within a complex document thanks to a miniature posting of the various pages. This rather specific mode benefits from ClearType technology for a greater comfort of reading, also

authorizes underlining and allows at least if you are the happy owner of Tablet PC to add handwritten notes or comments.

Generally Word posts coast at coast the first two complete pages of a document in order to you avoid scroller permanently. If this mode of reading is a good idea, it has a major defect: with use you will well quickly note his very unpleasant tendency to deform the contents of your documents with for result of the images which overlap and hide whole or part of the text. The facility of edition makes a whole small step ahead with the appearance of a button making it possible to change the spacing of leading out directly since the bar of tools of Word. In this new edition, Word is seen equipped with functionalities improved with regard to the follow-up of the modifications made to a document within the framework of a team work.

The function “To protect the accessible document” since small “the Tools” makes it possible to define within a document a zone which can be modified only by authorized people, whereas the remainder of the document is not editable. It is moreover possible to prevent working of the document to prevent that each corrector does not ransack your page-setting. In the same state of mind, the mode of follow-up of the revisions brought to a document was also improved to allow a greater legibility of the comments or made modifications.

Another innovation is the installation of the shared workspaces. Word enables you to safeguard your workspace so that no matter who can reach and modify the document and this since a simple navigator Internet. Better, within the framework of the use of shared spaces, it is possible to start a discussion with one of your colleagues via Windows Messenger without ever leaving Word.

Also let us announce that Word 2003 integrates a new fashion of comparison of the documents which makes it possible to post two versions distinct from the same document coast at coast and to make them ravel for quickly locating the made modifications. If Word evolves/moves appreciably one cannot say of it as many Excel which in spite of a new interface and the inclusion of the new functionalities common to the whole of the applications Office 2003, makes almost balance. Let us specify on this subject that the software can safeguard the sorters with this format but also handle data XML. It is even possible to import data XML for easily integrating them into a table.

A function of comparison face to face is introduced into Excel 2003 and makes it possible to quickly identify the differences between two sorters by posting them coast at coast. The spreadsheet henceforth makes it possible to declare a zone of your sheet as a list of data what causes the appearance of one framed blue and the possibility of organizing the data as good seems to you.

The management of the advanced lists is further authorizing the insertion of additional lines allowing for choice of in a click of mouse the operation which is to be carried out on the column in progress (Maximum, Minimum, etc). The statistical functions of Excel benefit from a small blow of young person, Microsoft having largely enriched the list by the supported functions.

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