Top Five iTunes Tips

Share Your Playlists

You can share your kick-butt playlist with others by publishing it to the iTunes Store. Simply hit the arrow on your playlist and select “Create iMix.” Shared playlists include previews of any songs in your playlist that are available on the iTunes Store; songs that are not in the store won’t be shared.

Create a Wish List

Add previews of any song in the iTunes Store to a playlist and create a wish list of songs that you want to buy at a later date. It’s as simple as creating a new playlist and dragging the song from the iTunes Store to the new playlist. Listen to the song preview or buy the song directly from your playlist by clicking the Buy button.

Make Cover Flow Worth It

If you are missing loads of album art, Cover Flow isn’t very compelling. You can have iTunes automatically grab album art from the iTunes Store library. On the Advanced Tab select the Get Album Art button. Just make sure you’re signed into your iTunes account.

Tidy Up Your Library

Find the music track duplicates in your library with iTunes’ handy tool. From the View Tab select Show Duplicates. To erase the duplicates hold down the Ctrl key and click the songs you want to remove. After they are all highlighted, hit the delete button.

Keyboard Shortcuts

iTunes provides a list of helpful keyboard tricks in its Help Tab. Among our favorites: checking for new podcasts by pressing F5, and shrinking the iTunes window to show only the playback controls by holding down Ctrl and M.

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