Problems of access for Windows Live Hotmail

Tuesday, many users have been unable to connect to their Windows Live Hotmail (nearly 280 million users worldwide). The crash reports from the United States, Canada, Finland and France also have thus reached the ears of Microsoft. More than messaging service online, it’s really all government services Live in an account Live ID who were deployed.

A failure that remains mysterious

Without providing any real explanation, the Redmond Company has acknowledged the problem. “Some users around the world are experiencing difficulties to connect to their Windows Live ID. Help with the connection process and the users already connected are not impacted. Since the initial crash reports, we have made progress significant in the resolution of this problem “, said Tuesday...

in the afternoon, Samantha McManus, head of product Windows Live.

As promised, this failure has finally been resolved for all users, Microsoft presenting his apologies for any inconvenience caused to its customers: “Our customers are entitled to expect a high level of reliability on the part of Windows Live and we apologize to them for the inconvenience.”

Back to normal therefore for Windows Live Hotmail and other services Live, but total mystery as to the causes of the problem.

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