Notebook classification

Laptops to $ 1000
Today, the most popular laptops sold at a price below $ 1000. It is not surprising, because many move from desktop computers to mobile. Notebooks for $ 1000 provide a very good level of performance and good functionality for really cheap price. True, the time of their autonomous work is not yet very great, processor not superpowered, but this is not the main criterion by which the choice is made. Price is a King!

Middle class notebook: from $ 1000 1500
If you choose a laptop, the best buy would be buying any model of the middle price range, which we have identified as $ 1000-1500. Rather, it will be quite productive mobile computer, really best buy notebook, sometimes even capable of very good work being autonomous. Additionally, you can find and compact notebook model with a good configuration up to 1500$ - really best buy!

Laptops hi-end consumer class value from $ 1500 to $ 2000
Notebooks costing $ 1500-2000 - it is usually a model sold cheaper? but with additional RAM/HDD/better Video card/Processor. Rising to the level above, and we get speed, and time of autonomous work, and the compact size and stylish design. Yet it is the corporate and business class, but these are not little.

High-End Notebooks expensive $ 2000
Notebooks, the cost of which exceeds $ 2000, sutable not fo any poket.
Nevertheless, among them placeholders like a very good decision and productive compact models or gaming desktop systems, which find its buyer in one way or another...

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