How to create your website in 10 minutes with Microsoft Office Live?

As I am always on the lookout of the latest web services that facilitate the web, I found several websites which can help me to create my own website. There are many on Noovo, fun but limited, or more siteKreator already evolved. The problem is that in its free version, the proposed layouts are quite limited.

And then I found Microsoft Office Live. Three services are offered, currently in beta:

* Office Live Basics
* Office Live Essentials
* Office Live Premium

The first is free and, even at the end of the beta. The other two are free, but only during the beta. Nothing is mentioned about the future tariff policy.

Office Live Basics can create a website directly via a web interface. There are many layouts pre-established, and many customization features are offered. In addition, a domain name is understood in the service. It is also linked to a mall. For example, If you created website...

with name you will get email address with same name An area of 500 MB is proposed to set up your site. To create the site just add pages and insert the content in Microsoft Word. The only limitation is that you must create the site with Internet Explorer.

Here is a Windows Office Live screenshot of the interface:

Simply select a layout, style (office automation, marketing, and building… with different colors). A download manager can insert any file type. It is even possible to add plug-ins that are currently in a limited number. For example, you could add module weather or a contact form generated automatically.

Frankly this tool is to make a great site "business card". After it does not involve mountains of creativity but for a small company or an association that seeks to present its work is the ideal.

The only obstacle to the use of the system is required to provide its Blue Card number for inclusion! A quirk especially when one wishes to register for Office Live Basics… which is free. Microsoft justifies this request by the desire to remove the inscriptions fanciful including spam. This is a real impediment to the inclusion and I myself hesitated. For the moment, no problems, but as usual I want you to know. Signup for WIndows Office Live from here.

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