Uploading Made Easy With "Power Uploading"

If you're currently using DivShare to store, host and share files you should be pretty excited about this new feature. And if you don't use this DivShare's free service, it could make you want to start.

DivShare launched a Power Uploader application that adds simplicity to the whole uploading process. This new tool provides users with a drag and drop interface with folder tree and file previews for quick and effective uploading of up to 10 files at once.

The uploading tool is a Java Applet and ActiveX Control that provides a pipeline between your hard drive and your DivShare account. And, if you play around a little, you’ll also find that the Power Uploader has great support for resuming a canceled or broken upload — that reduces your wait time in a big way if something goes wrong. Setting for the uploader can be accessed in your main Account page.

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