HDD User's Guide --- Preface

Computer systems are now in every aspect of our lives. This means that reliability is more important than ever before. Also, as computer-related technology progresses, the volume of data being handled has greatly increased. Hard disk drives (HDDs) have become very important in computer systems.

Today, any degradation in HDD reliability may severely affect not only computer users but also society as a whole.

To meet the changes in the market and social demand, we have pursued the development and production of very high capacity, high performance HDDs. In addition to high performance, we have increased the reliability of our HDDs, as shown in the figure below.

HDDs are precision devices, and careless handling may cause them to fail or may destroy the data they contain. However, the performance and reliability of HDDs are guaranteed as long as the HDDs are used under the specified environmental conditions. There is no need to be overly concerned about their handling.

This guide provides the information needed to use HDDs in an appropriate environment and to further improve the reliability of computer systems including HDDs.

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