Tips for removable media

Make employees aware

Many users are not even aware of the dangers caused by removable media. For this reason it is very important to explain the right way to use mobile memory media. Experience shows that having well-trained employees reduces the risk of data loss and the danger of unknowingly importing files and applications into the IT infrastructure.

Identify device types

USB, FireWire, Bluetooth – the paths over which PCs interact with portable peripheral devices are becoming ever more varied. When systems are being made secure against data misuse, the connection type or connection itself is irrelevant. What is much more important is being in control of the type of device used and the data exchanged with it.

Carry out access control

Trust is good, control is better: professional software supports this task. Comprehensive functions enable administrators to implement internal security guidelines centrally. Using them, they can prevent access to individual Plug and Play devices or entire device classes. Alternatively they can permit particular users or devices. Using access mechanisms with high levels of differentiation they can also define read and control write accesses and access rights to different applications. In this way a company can clamp down on the private use of mobile memory media while still permitting them to be used for business purposes.

Exclude viruses

Access control also protects the system against viruses. If data in a company can only be downloaded onto mobile removable media but not uploaded, then there is also no danger that worms and viruses might get transferred onto a company hard disk and consequently into the corporate environment.

Implement encryption

It makes good sense to implement a data encryption system with a centrally predefined company or user key to prevent the misuse of information that is saved on a removal storage medium. The data will still be usable everywhere within the company, but cannot be viewed or used on a computer outside the company. Encryption also brings security if mobile memory devices are lost or stolen – because the smaller the products are, the greater the danger that they will go missing.

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