Photo Story 3.0 Review

Microsoft proposes a small tool (5 MB) with name Photo Story. Available in its third (Photo Story 3.0) version the software, which is intended exclusive for Windows XP, makes it possible to transform photographs into an animated slides.

Via a simple interface and one clear any more the software cannot first of all enables you to import the photographs which will constitute your slides. Here integration with the other Microsoft services is thorough and one can import a PictureIt album or photographs present on MSN. Once the imported photographs the software proposes some basic functions of final improvement with the possibility of making rotations, of correcting the red eyes, of regulating the levels of color or of applying some effects.

The following stage consists in adding to the need a title for each image before recording a vocal narration. You are of course free not to take account of this stage while preferring for example to add a basic music (MP3, WMA and WAVE). Once your completed composition the logical is given the responsibility to apply automatically between each sight of the transitions of the side type & zoom and you can export the result in the form of video (WMV) for PC, portable telephone, Pocket PC or Portable Media Center. It is even possible to send the slides by email.

Our opinion: Simple and effective Photo Story 3.0 makes it possible to transform into some clicks of the photographs in a video which you will be able to share with your friends. The asset is here simplicity and the speed, the software not aiming clearly a public of demanding users.

Note: In order to download PhotoStory 3.0 from Microsoft web site, you must accept control Active X and install the program in accordance with Windows Genuine Advantage which will control your key.

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