How to "clean install" an upgrade copy of Vista

Microsoft has made it difficult for users to “clean install” Windows Vista (that is, install the operating system on a computer that doesn’t have a previous copy of Windows) if you’ve bought an upgrade version of the operating system.

Doing this is difficult, but not impossible, although it is a major hassle. Here’s how:
  • Insert the Windows Vista upgrade DVD in the drive and boot up off it.
  • Click on “Install Now.” This will begin the installation process.
  • Now for the main trick: Don’t enter your Windows Vista product key.
  • When asked, select the version of Windows Vista you bought (don’t think you can trick the system--you can’t).
  • Continue with the installation normally.
  • When the installation has finished, access the DVD through Windows Explorer and re-run the setup process and carry out another installation.
  • When prompted, enter your product key.
Now continue with the installation. You now have a working installation of Windows Vista.

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