File & Folder Encryption

There are sensitive data that have to be protected from unauthorized access and reading on almost every computer. In companies, this includes internal, confidential information like management analyses, research results, and personnel documents.

In a private environment, it is “only” the user’s personal data and documents that have to be protected from access and manipulation by other PC users. Lists with PIN numbers, social security numbers, documents for tax returns, or the user’s resume should not be used or changed by anyone else, even one’s own children.

For both business and personal information, the loss of trust or the possible financial damage is immensely high. A basic protection against such risks is the “Secure Virtual Disk” technology with the simultaneous protection of several files in a virtually created drive. It creates an “electronic safe” on a computer to protect the valuable electronic data (e-assets).

The Secure Virtual Disk technology of SafeGuard PrivateDisk combines the advantages of both file and disk encryption:
  • Automatic encryption (high transparency)
  • All contents and additional information like file name, file size, and author are encrypted
  • The data are protected during transmission
  • Confidential data can be secured without the need to encrypt an entire hard disk or partition
  • For users, there is no difference between the use of a virtual disk and a regular drive

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