Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 & Premiere Elements 4.0 Review

In the market for software design, talking about the excellence of Adobe products have long struggled to pass a commonplace. We are aware and we apologize in advance for our lack of originality, but is it our fault if this publisher product applications at any point remarkable? We have plenty to look for the small beast, we can find nothing to repeat, Photoshop Elements 6 is close to perfection. Of course, the functionality of this version thought for the general public, cannot compete with those of his elder, Photoshop, but for an audience of non-specialists, it is probably better. Moreover, the large Photoshop itself needs to learn from this model of comfort and ergonomics.

The firm of San Jose has indeed lifted the veil on Photoshop Elements 6.0 and Premiere Elements 4.0. Available separately to the unit, the new Adobe software is also offered as a package, and they share for the first time a common graphical user interface. Adobe has indeed fully reviewed the interface of these two programs to get rid including menu bars. In his presentation, Photoshop Elements approximates LightRoom while Premiere Elements undergoing a revolution that makes it much more accessible to the general public.

Equally comfortable with the output on paper than on screen, and thus to the web, Elements is the ideal tool for formatting photographs "gross scan" or issue a digital camera, thanks to its tools processing, removing red eye, reverse angles, and so on. You have a PC, a digital camera or a scanner and would like to tinker your own pictures as you claimed that it was so simple to do? Photoshop Elements will respond better than any other to your expectations. It has to do is two key factors, "motorization" concrete, that of Photoshop, that the guarantee of a job fast, high-quality and original interface which allows novices to achieve the more ambitious works

As for the features, Photoshop Elements retains the photos organizer inherited PhotoShop Album and is setting up a rapid screening tool. It opens what is more an improved version of Photomerge for combining the best of two group photos. To guide the user through the steps of the sometimes delicate photo retouching, Photoshop Elements gets a mode called "Change" tour and offering advice to the user through the stages of change to a photo.

Meanwhile, Premiere Elements 4.0 enriched with new special effects, such as transitions or titles when he inaugurates a module animated titling. Adobe introduced the function of themes to allow in a few clicks to achieve a complete film with a transition, DVD menu and special effects. Supporting HDV, Premiere Elements 4.0 does not (yet) gets AVCHD but, as regards the audio, a mixer. Finally, Adobe offers a center for sharing that allows them to share their productions also on mobile devices like the iPod or the iPhone that Web sites like YouTube, the software encoding videos to Flash (FLV).

With this version 3.0, the software is a giant leap since becomes a real solution all-in-one management of digital photos. You can now easily make an archive of your photos on CDs or DVDs, create dynamic slideshows, send e-mails theme complete with photos, print your photos using multiple settings. The retouching functions have also been the subject of a face-lift. The program includes automatic correction of defects (red eye, brightness, color intensity), visualization of the chromatic scales your photos for finer touches, depending on comparison of photos to choose the best pictures, you can view your pictures as Camera Raw format. Al in all I definitely suggest you to buy this excellent software and do not spare any cent for this software.

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