Acronis True Image 10 Home Test Review

With the new version Acronis you can easily back up your music, video, and digital photos, as well as Outlook e-mails, contacts, calendar and user settings with a few mouse clicks. That it is following a stupid error of handling, a material breakdown or an infection, we are not safe from a consequent loss of data. And the recovery of data concerned with the true course of the combatant, without forgetting considerable time to reinstall its system, why not to take measurements which are essential. We propose you to discover all our councils and easy ways in this article about Acronis.

We are numerous to spend long hours daily in front of our PC. So that any us is not truly safe from a mechanical failure of its hard disk, of a corruption of, the deterioration filing system of the table of partition, or an error of handling generally due to our data-processing in culture. But we can

just as easily be victim of a badly conceived application causing serious damage on Windows. Without forgetting the various families of malwares, in spite of protections and the prudence of which we can make proof. Of course, there are many tools to which we can resort to repair our system or to recover a number of invaluable data. But these tools generally take thorough knowledge, and time. In addition to presenting a considerable cost

The installation of True Image 10 takes only a few minutes and just like on the last version, it is possible to create a bootable back-up system on the removable support of your choice (USB, hard diskette, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM etc…).

Acronis True Image is one of the rare software to integrate pilots S-ATA, RAID, the USB 1.1/2.0, Firewire, and most current. Fortunately you will not have the advisability of installing your pilots discs besides manually (Ghost makes it possible to insert the pilots only using one diskette). At the end of the installation, which did not present any particular difficulty, a restarting is necessary before being able to exploit the software. Side interfaces, nothing or not large-thing did not change since the last version.

True Image posts a simple first page, while being looked after and being organized. So that any user will be able to exploit True Image with a disconcerting facility. Just like Norton Ghost, Acronis True Image is able to carry out a safeguard of your system in two ways: complete and incremental.

In the first case, the system, the partitions of your choice are entirely safeguarded in the form of an image. The second case, implies that you already carried out a complete safeguard, and modifies the image created according to the changes brought. The operation of safeguard is led by an assistant who will fix the parameters for you and will draw up an estimate of time necessary to the creation of the image like to the disk space necessary. But they are only estimates there, and reality is different, even if the variation is not enormous.

Of course, most demanding will be able to control each stage of the safeguard. By modifying for example the compression ratio, while choosing to divide the image into several files in order to engrave them on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, by protecting the image by an etc, password

The restoration is similar in operation. It is enough to indicate the image to be restored, and the “target” disc. And it is in premium possible to modify the letter assigned with your or your partitions. That is to safeguard or restore your system or your partitions, you will have the choice between doing it directly under Windows (creation of hot image), or by starting your PC using the system True Image of help which you will have created beforehand (creation of cold image). Besides we recommend to you to use this second method which is more effective, and which adapts to any type of OS, Acronis True Image supporting the filing systems FAT 16/32, NTFS, Linux swap, ext. 2/3, and ReiserFS.

Although the base of supported pilots was enriched, it did not justify with it only the exit of this new grinding. A software update and the new creation of the bootable back-up system would have amply been enough.

To start, True Image is compatible with Windows Vista, which our tests made it possible to check. And it is good news, since in the event of migration towards this new system, it will not be necessary to choose software of safeguard/recovery. The great innovation is the great modularity of Acronis True Image. It is not only anymore possible to safeguard and restore an entire system (or partitions). It is henceforth possible to safeguard your personal parameters. That includes/understands the parameters of your programs Microsoft Office, Outlook, iTunes, Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, instantaneous transport, etc... You will be able to thus restore your personal preferences, like your address book, your e-mail, calendar, signatures and certificates numerical, your music, your video library without forgetting the DRM, etc

Very practical also, you will be able to safeguard the files of your choice without having to open True Image, thanks to the integration of the function of fast safeguard in the contextual menu of Windows. In order to extend the possibilities of safeguard, protocol ftp was implemented in order to record your images of safeguards where wish it to you. A rented FTP space or your own waiter for example.

Less heavy with use than his direct competitor, Symantec Norton Ghost, the software of safeguard and recovery of Acronis is excellent. With an intuitive, many functionalities and very simple interface of use, True Image offers the luxury to exceed Norton Ghost. There are no pilots S-ATA or RAID to be installed at the time of the procedure of starting of the back-up system. What is much more practical than to use to it growing old reader and his diskette. More especially as on our mother chart DFI UT LANPARTY nForce 4 SLI, it is impossible for us to install pilots S-ATA or S-ATA RAID with Norton Ghost. And this, whatever the version of the pilots used.

In short, presenting many dysfunctions with our configuration, in addition to being greedy in resources system, we quite simply put at the reject Norton Ghost. With the profit of Acronis True Image 10, which in addition to being cheaper, shows being the software of safeguard and recovery impossible to circumvent under Windows XP… but also under Windows Vista?

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